International Association Of Coaching

The International Association of Coaching

The IAC® is an independent, global coach certifying body. Our mission is to expand the path to coaching mastery by inspiring the on-going evolution and application of universal coaching standards. Coaching is a transformative process for personal and professional awareness, discovery and growth.

What separates a great coach from the resthow do I find a great coach; and, how do I know I am a great coach?" 

Our rigorous certification process evaluates the demonstration of specific masteries that are the hallmark of the most effective and distinguished coaches. It also sets high standards for coaches' ethical, professional, and business behaviors. The purpose of this certification is to provide the clients of coaches a valid measure of assurance that they will receive quality coaching

The standards by which coaching mastery is measured at the IAC® reinforces leading edge communication skills and time honored philosophical archetypes. The IAC certified coach demonstrates an astute understanding of their clients, in such a way that allows consummate success. This is the hallmark of the IAC certified coach, and all of these qualities are reflected inour certification which we refer to as the Masteries.


The IAC Coaching Masteries™ were developed by an international team of coaches with the aim to produce clear standards and measures for what constitutes the highest level of coaching, and that can be understood in any culture around the world.



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