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Certification Overview

Certification Overview

Coaching is a transformative process for personal and professional awareness, discovery and growth.

The standards by which coaching mastery is measured at the IAC® reinforces leading edge communication skills and time honored philosophical archetypes. The IAC certified coach demonstrates an astute understanding of their clients, in such a way that allows consummate success. This is the hallmark of the IAC certified coach, and all of these qualities are reflected in our certification which we refer to as the Masteries.

This certification process requires accomplished skill, and a thorough comprehension of that skill. Although no one particular coach training method is required, it’s essential that knowledge and application of these skill sets are mastered.

The first part of the certification process is an online test that evaluates your knowledge and awareness of the masteries, legal, and ethical standards. The second part involves the submission of recorded coaching sessions, where you demonstrate the practical application. The certifying board will evaluate how well you apply the standards in your recorded coaching sessions. There are two levels of certification for which you may be eligible. The Certified Masteries Coach, or CMC, or the Master Masteries Coach, or MMC.

Read about our commitment to fair certification evaluations - The Inside Scoop from Natalie Tucker Miller, MMC, Lead Certifier.

The Certification Process

  1. Learn and Integrate the IAC Coaching Masteries™ into your life and practice
  2. Be sure your membership is current
  3. Try the Part One sample test (free)  
  4. Pay $97 for the online exam
  5. Take and pass the online exam. Results are compiled upon completion
  6. Review requirements for the oral exam
  7. Prepare for the oral exam by recording as many coaching sessions as necessary until you are demonstrating fully the nine Coaching Masteries®
  8. Pay the $500.00 certification submission fee, and submit two recorded coaching sessions, with two different clients, for evaluation. (Please thoroughly review the guidelines)
    A score sheet with certifiers' comments will be mailed with 6-8 weeks of submitting recordings. In some instances, applicants may be invited to an interview with the certifiers to address questions about specific Masteries. In these cases, the score sheet and certification decision will be provided following completion of this interview
  9. If you are not already and IAC Masteries Practitioner, or have not previously submitted your first IAC Masteries Professional Development Plan (formerly Learning Agreement) 12 months from your certification date, develop your first personalized Masteries Professional Development Plan (formerly Learning Agreement). Pay the $150.00 fee, and submit your Learning Agreement Proposal and schedule a review with a certifier

    Continue submitting annual personalized Masteries Professional Development Plan (formerly Learning Agreement) and maintain your annual membership fee to keep your MMC, CC, or Masteries Practitioner status current.

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How the IAC certification evaluation process works

In order to maintain the highest level of integrity and accuracy, the IAC has specific and strict guidelines that eliminate any conflict of interest, such as:

  • A certifier shall not participate as an examiner if they have coached or mentored the applicant, or if they have worked for, represented, volunteered or been closely associated with any coach mentoring or training programs that the applicant has attended or participated in.
  • Certifiers shall refrain from certifying anyone with whom they have a personal or close professional affiliation.
  • Certifiers shall do everything in their power to avoid a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.

These guidelines ensure there is no undue influence on the certifier’s ability to score objectively, and are enforced by a certification processor—an independent third party contracted by the IAC—who determines the eligibility of each certifier.

Two eligible certifiers are then provided with the recordings and written transcripts of the certification applicant’s coaching sessions. Upon thoroughly reviewing the audio and written materials, each certifier, independent of one another, logs a numerical score for each Mastery, supported by written examples of coaching behaviors, effects, measures, etc. This documentation is then sent to the certification processor, who compiles each certifier’s scores and notes and sends this combined document back to the two certifiers. The certifiers then review each other’s notes and schedule a meeting where they discuss and reinforce the specifics of the sessions, to provide thorough feedback for the applicant’s scorecard.